Friday, January 22, 2010

Spring Cleaning...or rather Winter/New Year Cleaning...

So, when one gets frustrated when looking for paperwork that one knows they put on the computer desk...near the filing cabinet...and it is found days the 4 year old's room...

it's time to deep clean.

I love to organize.  I love being neat.  I love having everything in its place.  However, most of my children rather put it the easist place possible...which is anywhere but where it belongs...which is normally the nearest horizontal place. is the list of rooms in our home...

front room
kitchen eating area
school room
teenage girls' room (think super messy with clothes everywhere)
teenage boy room (he can do this himself as he is like me and doesn't keep clutter anywhere)
boys' room
little girl's room
master bedroom
2 bathrooms
hallway linen closets

What really bugs me about this:

99% of everything I put away, throw away, and put aside for donations is NOT MINE!

I have to stop studying in order to accomplish this quickly, as I can no longer function in the clutter that is happening.

So today, we did:
*front room - movies, cds, under couches, behind piano, under tables

*kitchen - just the children's dish drawer and placemat drawers needed to be done - I am sort of super OCD about this room
*kitchen eating area - the hutch with all the silver and crystal was cleaned up
*library - bookshelves (all 15 feet of them) was staightened up (the mess was mostly the children's books again)
boys' room - this was just plain scary - only 1/2 a bag of trash, and they have limited toys, but still...

Tomorrow I plan on tackling:

*The super scary school room - which is where the 2nd computer is located right now.  And that one deserves pictures it is so bad!  I will be changing out the super big computer desk for a smaller one along with a bookshelf.  This will only be temporary, until June. 

[Eventually my teen son's room will be our computer study - he moves out in June - and this will be where all 3 computers (I am rebuilding another system for this children to use) - the filing cabinet and 2 printers will be located.  ( I sound like a computer geek?  I am and proud of it!).]

*The even super scary teen girls' room - whoa - even thinking about it is a bit stressful - but it needs to be done.  So, I think pictures might be in order also!

This week, I think I will be extremely grateful for Sunday.

However, Monday is another thing.

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