Thursday, November 11, 2010


All the time.  Seriously, between school (2 classes and 2 exams done in 4 weeks), teaching school in our home, being the mom and running our home, running Grad Night 2011 for our high school, helping my mom and dad with getting their house ready to sell, and sewing, my life (and my family's) has been full!

I passed those 2 classes (with A's actually!), am getting a grip on everything else (save the laundry - I swear it is out to get me), and have been sewing, sewing, sewing...

for my sister's wedding - which is in 2 weeks!

I have made (in the last 11 days):

a vest for my husband (for his suit - to make it a 3 piece suit)
cumberbands & bow ties for Jacob & Ammon
a new dress for Aimee
a birthday dress for a friend ;)
1 flower girl dress for Josies - completely with layers upon layers of material and netting -

I have also done some smaller things...mending, a pair of khaki pants for me, skirt for my mom, new outfit for Josie for winter...and probably more things that I can't remember

All I have left to do:
work on our family gift for my sister and soon-to-be husband
finish something for me to wear
finish making the bow for Josie's dress
sew on the fabric roses onto Josie's dress
help hem my mom's absolutely gorgeous dress for the wedding

oh, and make goodies for the bake sale this weekend, help with a Grad Night decorating build, study and pass my next exam (dec 15).

On to more things...

Friday, September 17, 2010

That's my girl!

Melina's 1st quarter progress card came in the mail yesterday....

4 A's :)

2 B's :)

She was rewarded with hugs and chocolate chip cookie dough!

(and I didn't take that photo - Melina did!  She has quite an eye for photography!)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Josephine's birthday!

She is 5! 

And following in tradition - I made her a new dress for her birthday (1956 pattern, which is a very similar dress to what her Nana had when she was little):

She had a great day!  She went out for lunch - a tradition in our family - to the restaurant her of choosing.
She got presents...a new shirt, a minature skateboard, tinkerbell dolls, new doll house furniture, and 2 special gifts..

a new bike

And a set of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls!
(more on those later - because I made them!)

Aimee and Nana made her a cupcake cake:

She is our last child!  We are grateful for her!  She is such a bright spot in our lives and family each day! 

3 weeks ago

I thought things had calmed down.


School started for Melina.  I only have to drop her and her friend off to school.  Friend's mo & dad are doing the pick-up!  Melina has a full schedule - her graduation requirement have changed for her graduating class, so it was a bit more work to get her schedule done - and to include seminary!

I am almost done with my management class.  Whew.  2 more classes for the semester.  If I don't add more.

My sister is getting married!  At Thanksgiving.  Wedding plans are in action.

School started at home for everyone else. 

I have been sewing. 

The most important thing happened last week -

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What I have been doing....

Moving furniture and books.
 (please don't ask me how many books there are
- I refuse to count for now -
but all you need to know is that there is 15 ft of bookshelves - 3 are 7ft high and 3 are 8ft high
(the shorter ones will be taller in a few months when I get back to Ikea).

My chairs were an awesome craigslist find!  I got them and the ottoman for $40!  All they needed was a quick clean!  They have been deemed the perfect reading chairs by Lina and Aimee - you can turn any which way, pull your feet up, stretch over them, etc - and be perfectly comfortable!

Painting furniture. 
I painted all our pine furniture in the family room!  I love the new color - it is a soft, creamy white and really helps our family room to look bigger!  And it re-newed the life of our furniture - which is 7 years old!

I painted the 3 tables also - coffee and 2 end-tables.  We love them.  They are painted with Behr Premimum Paint with Primer - in a semi-gloss - for easy cleaning.  Needless to say, there is no drawing allowed on the tables anymore.
Or shoes!

Making new valances -
 this is one, and there is a longer one over the sliding glass doors on the left.  The material came from my neighbor's mom and was FREE!  It is a very nice weight decorating fabric.  The light yellow pops very nicely with the blue walls and white trim in our new library/my sewing room.

Covering one of the office chairs. 
(the other one was just fine)
 This is an older military chair, given to me from my parents, whose neighbor gave it to them!  It is in perfect condition underneath, but need a puch of color for....

My new office! 

I desperately needed this space - mostly for tax purposes while I work (I do IT work for people). 
(Technically, I am supposed to share this room, however, I am the only one in there more of the time - either studying or working.)
This room has turned out beautifully!  Matt helped me paint it before he left, mom came over and helped with hanging all the pictures, and I (semi-homemade) made the closet curtain and covered the chair.  Aimee likes this room, as she does her school work in here, away from the younger ones who are at the kitchen table. 

I didn't buy any new furniture for this room.  I moved all the pieces that I have had throughout the house into here - 2 desks, table-top desk, bookshelf, and chairs.  I bought a few new frames, but I had all the pictures already - in storage.

And yes - it is Paris themed. 
I *heart* Paris. 
I have been there 4 times. 
I am waiting to go back. I have been lots of other places - England, Wales, Scotland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belguim, South Korea, and several states in the US, but I always long and go back to Paris. 
Love it.


Yep.  I passed my Healthcare Delivery Systems class.
I now have to finish:
Principles of Management
Medical Terminology
Pathology/Physiology (which really bites, because my last class was 6 days over the cut-off date).

I think that leaves me with only 5-6 classes, and then 2 capstone projects for my degree work.

I have been sewing - more than valances and chair covers.  I promise.

Friday, July 23, 2010

I am still here!

I promise. 

I have been really busy.  Between our son moving to my brother's home, summer school for Lina (all done!  Yay!), teaching writing to Aimee, helping 2 boys work on Weblos and Wolf badges, cleaning, laundry, getting ready and sending the girls to camp, finishing decorating my office, repainting furniture in the family room, make valances for the library room, and sewing mulitple skirts, dresses, mending, and a new temple dress...

and all my studying...

I am very busy!  But I should be able to upload pictures soon...

and the girls are coming home today...

my sister and her finace are coming into town tomorrow for 4 days...


Sunday, June 20, 2010

My heros...

My husband.  The best father in the world - he is so loving, kind, and fun with all our children.  And slow to get angry. 

My dad.  The greatest man I know.  He is kind, loving, and fun.  And slow to get angry.

It seems that the man I married is just like my father. 

It's true.  Girls want a man - just like their daddy.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The last of 3 birthdays in the same week...

Ha! You laugh. But seriously - our oldest 3 children all have their birthdays within 4 days! So here is the next birthday child:

Melina!  She is 15 today!  Yeah!  She is such a fun girl!  She is very artistic - a talent that she has inherited from my mom. 

Melina is going to be an artist. 

She takes photos, sketches, writes stories, poems, and essays with no difficulty. 

She has her own style of dress.

And she is the best sister - super loving and kind to all her siblings.

She has a wonderful sense of humor - and is always making us laugh.  Although at times, we think that her humor is related to her being blonde...

This is Melina and her Daddy - they have the most amazing relationship - and the same sense of humor!  I was truly blessed to be able to marry such a man for time and all eternity in the temple.  (More about him tomorrow on Father's Day!)

Melina and Aimee have the most amazing sisters, only 2 years apart - they have been becoming friends these last 2 years...

Need I say more?

Happy Birthday Melina!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Another Birthday!

Today is my Aimee's birthday.  She is the sweetest peacemaker there is!  She is always kind, loving, and full of laughter!

Today she is 13! 

We are grateful for her and that she is here with us today.

During my pregnancy with Aimee, she was diagnosed with 2 different life-threatening problems in utero at 18 weeks, and then at 25 weeks, I went into labor with her.  Everything was okay, until at 31 weeks, and then I was hospitalized - for her - not me.  I spent almost 10 days in hospital with her - and then, everything turned worse - Aimee started dying.

With quick thinking of the doctors and nurses, we had an emergency C-section at 33 weeks 2 days, and she was born - small and sick.

But once out of utero - with medication - and priesthood blessings - she healed very quickly and was able to go home at 5 days old.  She weighed 4 lbs 14 oz and was 16 inches long.

She gained weight quickly, and spent most of her time in the sling that I wore almost 24/7.  She was quite sick, off and on, for about 2 years - mostly respiratory viruses and lots of pneumonia, from her lungs not being matured 100%.

She was also born with a conductive hearing loss.  She was 98% deaf in both years until age 2.  She was treated by the German audiologists, at age 1, and her hearing was improved to less than <2% deafness by age 2.  She now has less than a 1% hearing loss, and you would never know.  She spent over 8 years in speech therapy to improve her her speech and communication abilities!

She loves to cook, bake, and read.  She is going to be going to high school in 2 years and she already is planning on a culinary arts plan.

Happy Birthday Aimee!!!!!

For those wondering - we have our 3 oldest children with birthdays within a 4 day window!

So, Matt was on Tuesday, Aimee is today, and tomorrow is another birthday!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

An 18 year old son.

I am not old enough to be the mother of an 18 year old.  Yet today I am.  Mathew has turned 18 today.  We went out for breakfast to his favorite place - Cracker Barrel. 

He leaves today for the southeast.  He will be working, learning electrical construction, for my brother.  He is excited and sort of scared all at the same time.  I remember feeling like that years ago when I turned 18.

Matt has been a blessing in our lives.  He has been a great big brother to all his siblings and a good son.  We know that this the right thing for him to do - to move to out with my brother and work.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Salt Lake City 2010

We took a quick trip up to Utah to visit with friends and to drop off Melina and 2 of her friends at EFY.  While we were there we went to Temple Square.  Where I nor my children have ever been!

The organ in Conference Center!  I actually heard one of organ concerts in the Tabernacle while at Temple Square!  It was so beautiful. 

Snow.  In May. 

Snow.  Again.  In May.  In Provo.  We drove through it and walked through it to drop off Melina and her friends!  Yuck. 
There is a reason I live in the desert. 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Clothes 2010!

White knit shirt and black linen skirt...

White knit skirt and turquoise knit shirt - which is the same pattern as the white shirt above!

Black, red, and white rayon knit shirt, same black linen skirt.

Green rayon knit shirt (same pattern as the above)...

Pink, white, black, and gold knit shirt (Jalie Pattern)...

I also made a cute pair of denim capris for the jeans sew along on pattern review - I just have to finish writing up about them and take pictures...

Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Ammon! his birthday!  I don't have any baby pictures to post - they are all in the non-digital scrapbooks!  But, I can tell you some interesting things about Ammon:

1.  He was born exactly 3 weeks after returning from Germany - in Arizona.
2.  He was 5 weeks early (just like one of his sisters!)
3.  He was a good baby - and loved to be held and tickled.
4.  He loves to read - and has been devouring the Percy Jackson series this last month.
5.  He is planning on being a doctor.  He has been planning this since he was 5.
6.  He studies hard in his schoolwork - because he wants to be a doctor - and never complains about it.
7.  He loves Legos!
8.  He always is smiling.
9.  He is very kind and sweet to everyone he meets.
10.  He is just an awesome kid!


Happy Birthday, Ammon!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life changing events going on here...

First - I finished my paper!  It was evaluated with a 3.5/4.0 - all done - 6 weeks ahead of schedule - I start my new class this Monday - 4 weeks ahead of schedule!

Second - Matt graduated!

Third, we were up all night on Graduation - for our high school's Grad Night 2010 celebration!  We were voluteering, like we have been doing all year.  This next year, Mike and I will be the Committee chairs for the whole Grad Night 2011!  We are excited to do so - we had a great time - both with the graduated Seniors and with our new friends that we made.

Fourth, Matt is moving!  My brother has offered him a job with a local construction crew (doing electrical work) in Alabama!  Matt will be leaving here in the middle June to live there!  He is excited to be moving out on his own (with his uncle's help) and to growing up! 

We took a trip early this week.  I will post where we went later....

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The last paper is done!

It is being edited as I write this.  I should be able to submit it for grading tomorrow or Saturday!  Now to finish helping get ready for the Grad Night 2010 party and to help pull it off this week.

Today was Matt's last day of school.  He graduates Wednesday.  1 child down.  5 to go. 

I got lots of beautiful things for Mother's Day.  I got new jewelry (lots of it) from my youngest children and my mom and dad.  Melina made me a cute purple polka dot bowl for my sewing table in her Art class.  Matt took me our for dessert at his work.

Mike got me a new headboard and foot board for our bedroom!  I will post pictures of it later (um, when I can locate the camera cord - Melina seems to have "borrowed" it and has yet to return it to my desk). he new headboard is important - our last headboard was bought almost 20 years ago - for only $99.  And it has been through 4 moves and was on its last legs!  I also re-arranged our room for the new headboard.  And it looks wonderful!  I moved the bed to a different wall and re-hung pictures and a new shelf.

So, now to finish my intern reading assignment, The 5th Discipline: The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization by Peter M. Senge.  I really am enjoying this book and have learned a new way to look at organizations and problem solving.  I would recommend this book to anyone who has a job or is in school!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

This has been a busy week - again....

Things are moving right along.  My 3rd paper was accepted and graded with another 100%.  I have only 1 more paper - which I will start while my mom is having some corrective foot surgery tomorrow.  This last paper is on Performance Evaluations.  But I am not complaining - I am 7 weeks ahead of my semester being done and will be able to start my next semester 4 weeks early!

(This surgery will be her third, on this foot.  This particular foot is having difficulty healing - and the second surgery was to remove a screw that would not stay in the bone - and you could feel the screw on the top of her foot!  That was repaired, however, there seems to be exessive bone growth in that same area, so tomorrow that will be fixed. She has been such a trooper about this!  And it is not her dr.'s fault, either - her foot is just having difficulty repairing and healing itself.  Even her dr. is surprised about this healing.)

Along with that, I have been taking children to eye appointments, buying new clothes, sorting out old clothes and shoes, and making new ones.  I also have been remodeling my bedroom - which is my Mother's Day gift from Mike.  So, I will get pictures up on that soon too - somewhere, I know I have the time.

We are 13 days from Grad Night for Mathew's high school.  Seeing Mike and I are on the committee, we have been helping non-stop. We do enjoy it!  This weekend we I will be building and helping with set up - Mike and the younger boys will be at Father/Son campout.  It seems that our ward (congregation for all my non-LDS friends & family) likes to plan these on the weekend of Mother's Day - every year!!!!!!

Here is what we did last weekend - we went to the the Gila Valley Temple open house. 

This was Jacob's favorite thing - Moroni on the top of the temple!  That was the first thing he looked for!

It was super windy and super sunny.  But we had a wonderful time - being in the temple together and being outside.  Matt was unable to come, as he had to work that day.

And this is what happens when you let your children have gummy worms on a 2-hour trip.  And Melina gets bored.  Somehow, just somehow, the gummy worms end up being put in noses. 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sewing, tests, papers

That is my life right.  Sewing for a little bit each day. Writing these papers for my Business Leadership class (2 down, 2 to go -but I have 1 paper almost finished).  Testing.

I took the final for my Organizational Behavior and Management class today.  I won't know how I did until later this week.  But I studied, read, studied more, and read more.  And took the practice test for it. 

Sewing wise, I am about 1/3 of the way done with the embroidery work on Josie's jacket.  I normally due this while watching TV.  But with my papers and test, I have been doing that very much at all this last 2 weeks.

I made myself a newer skirt to wear this summer. 

So, this skirt I recycled from a pair of jeans.  The jeans were in good shape, just wearing out at 2 places on the inseam.  They about 10 years old.  So, I followed this tutorial, only I didn't do 4 panels, just the front and back.  No hem, but I did double needle stitch, just above, so that it can fray.  I also did NOT cut out the inseam, rather I unstitched it - which took about 15 minutes.  That way it looks more lived in - something easy for summer days.  It definitely is NOT  a "where to church" skirt. 

I think a trip to the thrift store is in need to find another pair of cheap jeans, to make a skirt with 4 panels! 

Here is the whole outfit I wore the other day.  I made the blouse I have on too!  I made it from a woven pattern, but used a wonderful lime green knit.  Turned out pretty cute!

I did finish most of Josie's new summer wardrobe.  (now to catch her in the outfits.  and remember to take pictures!).  I only have 1 smocked dress to put together (smocking done over Christmas break), and a dress.  And I have to fix a skirt I made her.  Unbeknowst to me, the fabric is a whole lot bit see through.  So, seeing it matches a blouse I made, I will just add another skirt underneath it, with the contrasting fabric. 

I have picture of what we did Saturday...and they will be forth coming this week.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This week in our house....

We celebrated our son turning 8!  In our church, our children are not baptized until age 8 - the age of accountability. 

Thus turning 8 in our home is a very cool and important thing!

Not only do we have a baptism, this is the time to party afterwards!  Jacob had lots of friends over for his party - complete with hot dogs, chips, and soda! 

Here are a few photos from his baptism...


and from his party...which was western themed - he loves cowboys and horses!

His cowboy cake - made by his Nana and totally chocolate and gluten-free - just for him!

On the sewing front - things have been sewn - mostly a brand new wardrobe for Josie - the 4 year old...because she had no summer clothes...
so in the last week, I have sewn her 3 knit shirts (2 tshirts, 1 polo), 3 cotton tops, 3 new skirts, 2 pair of capris, and in the sewing queue is her new fancy dress (just waiting for hems and for me to finish the hand embroidery on the jacket), a new dress jumper, and another top. Pictures forth coming...

However, they are going a bit slower due to the fact that I have 1.5 papers to finish writing, a final exam next Monday, and a grad night (for the whole school) to finish helping to put together. schedule is this - study for exam this week (with some sewing) and make phone calls for grad night.  Any intern work for Jim.  And all my chores of being the mom - and the taxi.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pattern Overload

I recently discovered that I had 900 patterns.

And now I have only 750. (approximate figure here - it could be more because I just got more patterns in the mail and my husband bought me 2)

I gave away 100 to a thrift store.

I gave away 50 to some friends.

And I only had 2 duplicate patterns in my patterns.  (thank you photgraphic memory!)

I recently re-organized my patterns - I own a pattern cabinet - by Simplicity - that JoAnn's was gettin rid of many years ago when they were remodeling several stores here in town.

It is now organized:

~ Pattern pieces and instructions are in 5x8 envelopes labeled with the letter of the company and the 4 digit number.
~Envelopes are stored in drawers according to manufactor right now - in numerical order, of course
~Pattern front envelopes are stored in clear plastic pages in notebooks, according to type (skirt, pants, etc).
~There is a notebook for men & boys, children, and then home decor/crafts, and costumes.

Yeah.  I have a lot of patterns.  The funny thing - I have sewn at least 1/2 of them at some time...

Monday, March 29, 2010

My new winter coat...

So, instead of trying to come up with new projects to post about, I realized I have several items that I can share already.

I needed a new winter coat - beyond wearing my sweatshirt jacket that I stole confiscated from my 17 year old son last year.

So...I searched the stash...both patterns and fabric (corduroy with polyester lining)...

and here is what I choose...

Simplicity 2508

The front - which fits me much better than Suzanne...


The back...


The lining (which was not in my stash - I ended up buying it from Hancock's Fabrics - it is a polyester blend - which is starting to shred a little - not good...)


The buttons...(from JoAnn's with a coupon!)


It is actually quite warm - because it stops the wind - which is mostly what makes Arizona cold in the winter.  In all, I think it cost me $12 to make...