Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This week in our house....

We celebrated our son turning 8!  In our church, our children are not baptized until age 8 - the age of accountability. 

Thus turning 8 in our home is a very cool and important thing!

Not only do we have a baptism, this is the time to party afterwards!  Jacob had lots of friends over for his party - complete with hot dogs, chips, and soda! 

Here are a few photos from his baptism...


and from his party...which was western themed - he loves cowboys and horses!

His cowboy cake - made by his Nana and totally chocolate and gluten-free - just for him!

On the sewing front - things have been sewn - mostly a brand new wardrobe for Josie - the 4 year old...because she had no summer clothes...
so in the last week, I have sewn her 3 knit shirts (2 tshirts, 1 polo), 3 cotton tops, 3 new skirts, 2 pair of capris, and in the sewing queue is her new fancy dress (just waiting for hems and for me to finish the hand embroidery on the jacket), a new dress jumper, and another top. Pictures forth coming...

However, they are going a bit slower due to the fact that I have 1.5 papers to finish writing, a final exam next Monday, and a grad night (for the whole school) to finish helping to put together. 

So...my schedule is this - study for exam this week (with some sewing) and make phone calls for grad night.  Any intern work for Jim.  And all my chores of being the mom - and the taxi.

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  1. I like the cake...great job, Jacob's Nana! Congrats on your baptism too!