Monday, April 26, 2010

Sewing, tests, papers

That is my life right.  Sewing for a little bit each day. Writing these papers for my Business Leadership class (2 down, 2 to go -but I have 1 paper almost finished).  Testing.

I took the final for my Organizational Behavior and Management class today.  I won't know how I did until later this week.  But I studied, read, studied more, and read more.  And took the practice test for it. 

Sewing wise, I am about 1/3 of the way done with the embroidery work on Josie's jacket.  I normally due this while watching TV.  But with my papers and test, I have been doing that very much at all this last 2 weeks.

I made myself a newer skirt to wear this summer. 

So, this skirt I recycled from a pair of jeans.  The jeans were in good shape, just wearing out at 2 places on the inseam.  They about 10 years old.  So, I followed this tutorial, only I didn't do 4 panels, just the front and back.  No hem, but I did double needle stitch, just above, so that it can fray.  I also did NOT cut out the inseam, rather I unstitched it - which took about 15 minutes.  That way it looks more lived in - something easy for summer days.  It definitely is NOT  a "where to church" skirt. 

I think a trip to the thrift store is in need to find another pair of cheap jeans, to make a skirt with 4 panels! 

Here is the whole outfit I wore the other day.  I made the blouse I have on too!  I made it from a woven pattern, but used a wonderful lime green knit.  Turned out pretty cute!

I did finish most of Josie's new summer wardrobe.  (now to catch her in the outfits.  and remember to take pictures!).  I only have 1 smocked dress to put together (smocking done over Christmas break), and a dress.  And I have to fix a skirt I made her.  Unbeknowst to me, the fabric is a whole lot bit see through.  So, seeing it matches a blouse I made, I will just add another skirt underneath it, with the contrasting fabric. 

I have picture of what we did Saturday...and they will be forth coming this week.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This week in our house....

We celebrated our son turning 8!  In our church, our children are not baptized until age 8 - the age of accountability. 

Thus turning 8 in our home is a very cool and important thing!

Not only do we have a baptism, this is the time to party afterwards!  Jacob had lots of friends over for his party - complete with hot dogs, chips, and soda! 

Here are a few photos from his baptism...


and from his party...which was western themed - he loves cowboys and horses!

His cowboy cake - made by his Nana and totally chocolate and gluten-free - just for him!

On the sewing front - things have been sewn - mostly a brand new wardrobe for Josie - the 4 year old...because she had no summer clothes...
so in the last week, I have sewn her 3 knit shirts (2 tshirts, 1 polo), 3 cotton tops, 3 new skirts, 2 pair of capris, and in the sewing queue is her new fancy dress (just waiting for hems and for me to finish the hand embroidery on the jacket), a new dress jumper, and another top. Pictures forth coming...

However, they are going a bit slower due to the fact that I have 1.5 papers to finish writing, a final exam next Monday, and a grad night (for the whole school) to finish helping to put together. schedule is this - study for exam this week (with some sewing) and make phone calls for grad night.  Any intern work for Jim.  And all my chores of being the mom - and the taxi.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pattern Overload

I recently discovered that I had 900 patterns.

And now I have only 750. (approximate figure here - it could be more because I just got more patterns in the mail and my husband bought me 2)

I gave away 100 to a thrift store.

I gave away 50 to some friends.

And I only had 2 duplicate patterns in my patterns.  (thank you photgraphic memory!)

I recently re-organized my patterns - I own a pattern cabinet - by Simplicity - that JoAnn's was gettin rid of many years ago when they were remodeling several stores here in town.

It is now organized:

~ Pattern pieces and instructions are in 5x8 envelopes labeled with the letter of the company and the 4 digit number.
~Envelopes are stored in drawers according to manufactor right now - in numerical order, of course
~Pattern front envelopes are stored in clear plastic pages in notebooks, according to type (skirt, pants, etc).
~There is a notebook for men & boys, children, and then home decor/crafts, and costumes.

Yeah.  I have a lot of patterns.  The funny thing - I have sewn at least 1/2 of them at some time...