Thursday, November 11, 2010


All the time.  Seriously, between school (2 classes and 2 exams done in 4 weeks), teaching school in our home, being the mom and running our home, running Grad Night 2011 for our high school, helping my mom and dad with getting their house ready to sell, and sewing, my life (and my family's) has been full!

I passed those 2 classes (with A's actually!), am getting a grip on everything else (save the laundry - I swear it is out to get me), and have been sewing, sewing, sewing...

for my sister's wedding - which is in 2 weeks!

I have made (in the last 11 days):

a vest for my husband (for his suit - to make it a 3 piece suit)
cumberbands & bow ties for Jacob & Ammon
a new dress for Aimee
a birthday dress for a friend ;)
1 flower girl dress for Josies - completely with layers upon layers of material and netting -

I have also done some smaller things...mending, a pair of khaki pants for me, skirt for my mom, new outfit for Josie for winter...and probably more things that I can't remember

All I have left to do:
work on our family gift for my sister and soon-to-be husband
finish something for me to wear
finish making the bow for Josie's dress
sew on the fabric roses onto Josie's dress
help hem my mom's absolutely gorgeous dress for the wedding

oh, and make goodies for the bake sale this weekend, help with a Grad Night decorating build, study and pass my next exam (dec 15).

On to more things...


  1. You are so amazingly busy and still have time to blog! Look forward to some wedding photos.

  2. Hey Jenn,
    What is Healthcare Informatics?

    Thanx -- and good luck with it!