Thursday, May 6, 2010

This has been a busy week - again....

Things are moving right along.  My 3rd paper was accepted and graded with another 100%.  I have only 1 more paper - which I will start while my mom is having some corrective foot surgery tomorrow.  This last paper is on Performance Evaluations.  But I am not complaining - I am 7 weeks ahead of my semester being done and will be able to start my next semester 4 weeks early!

(This surgery will be her third, on this foot.  This particular foot is having difficulty healing - and the second surgery was to remove a screw that would not stay in the bone - and you could feel the screw on the top of her foot!  That was repaired, however, there seems to be exessive bone growth in that same area, so tomorrow that will be fixed. She has been such a trooper about this!  And it is not her dr.'s fault, either - her foot is just having difficulty repairing and healing itself.  Even her dr. is surprised about this healing.)

Along with that, I have been taking children to eye appointments, buying new clothes, sorting out old clothes and shoes, and making new ones.  I also have been remodeling my bedroom - which is my Mother's Day gift from Mike.  So, I will get pictures up on that soon too - somewhere, I know I have the time.

We are 13 days from Grad Night for Mathew's high school.  Seeing Mike and I are on the committee, we have been helping non-stop. We do enjoy it!  This weekend we I will be building and helping with set up - Mike and the younger boys will be at Father/Son campout.  It seems that our ward (congregation for all my non-LDS friends & family) likes to plan these on the weekend of Mother's Day - every year!!!!!!

Here is what we did last weekend - we went to the the Gila Valley Temple open house. 

This was Jacob's favorite thing - Moroni on the top of the temple!  That was the first thing he looked for!

It was super windy and super sunny.  But we had a wonderful time - being in the temple together and being outside.  Matt was unable to come, as he had to work that day.

And this is what happens when you let your children have gummy worms on a 2-hour trip.  And Melina gets bored.  Somehow, just somehow, the gummy worms end up being put in noses. 

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  1. Beautiful photos of family. Love the last are the greatest! Good luck to your Mom.