Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life changing events going on here...

First - I finished my paper!  It was evaluated with a 3.5/4.0 - all done - 6 weeks ahead of schedule - I start my new class this Monday - 4 weeks ahead of schedule!

Second - Matt graduated!

Third, we were up all night on Graduation - for our high school's Grad Night 2010 celebration!  We were voluteering, like we have been doing all year.  This next year, Mike and I will be the Committee chairs for the whole Grad Night 2011!  We are excited to do so - we had a great time - both with the graduated Seniors and with our new friends that we made.

Fourth, Matt is moving!  My brother has offered him a job with a local construction crew (doing electrical work) in Alabama!  Matt will be leaving here in the middle June to live there!  He is excited to be moving out on his own (with his uncle's help) and to growing up! 

We took a trip early this week.  I will post where we went later....

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