Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Ammon! his birthday!  I don't have any baby pictures to post - they are all in the non-digital scrapbooks!  But, I can tell you some interesting things about Ammon:

1.  He was born exactly 3 weeks after returning from Germany - in Arizona.
2.  He was 5 weeks early (just like one of his sisters!)
3.  He was a good baby - and loved to be held and tickled.
4.  He loves to read - and has been devouring the Percy Jackson series this last month.
5.  He is planning on being a doctor.  He has been planning this since he was 5.
6.  He studies hard in his schoolwork - because he wants to be a doctor - and never complains about it.
7.  He loves Legos!
8.  He always is smiling.
9.  He is very kind and sweet to everyone he meets.
10.  He is just an awesome kid!


Happy Birthday, Ammon!

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