Saturday, June 19, 2010

The last of 3 birthdays in the same week...

Ha! You laugh. But seriously - our oldest 3 children all have their birthdays within 4 days! So here is the next birthday child:

Melina!  She is 15 today!  Yeah!  She is such a fun girl!  She is very artistic - a talent that she has inherited from my mom. 

Melina is going to be an artist. 

She takes photos, sketches, writes stories, poems, and essays with no difficulty. 

She has her own style of dress.

And she is the best sister - super loving and kind to all her siblings.

She has a wonderful sense of humor - and is always making us laugh.  Although at times, we think that her humor is related to her being blonde...

This is Melina and her Daddy - they have the most amazing relationship - and the same sense of humor!  I was truly blessed to be able to marry such a man for time and all eternity in the temple.  (More about him tomorrow on Father's Day!)

Melina and Aimee have the most amazing sisters, only 2 years apart - they have been becoming friends these last 2 years...

Need I say more?

Happy Birthday Melina!

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