Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Computers and sewing...

those are the 2 things I love to do - and people often look at me strangely when they find this out.

So, with this new knowledge - this past Saturday I worked on our family computer and then sewed.

The family computer was bought about 6 years and was top of the line then. Since cars - computers quickly become last year model.

And since I was having issues with it having some spyware, etc and being sluggish (think snail crawling, really)...I decided some repair and upgrading was in order.

But being the computer geek I am - I didn't buy a new computer. Rather I installed more RAM in the system, installed Window 7, and Office 2007 on it. I also installed my new laser printer (only because I print lots off the internet for home-schooling my children) and found only one problem...

our color ink-jet printer is so old that it won't work on Windows 7. Bummer - now I have to go buy a new color ink-jet.

On the positive side - my children love Windows 7. Office 2007 is taking them a little time to get used to - but after writing an essay, my 14yo daughter is starting to like how much easier it is.

Now, if I could only find a 64-bit version of Vista to install on my virtual PC on my laptop...

on the sewing side, I finished a new striped button-down shirt for my 9yo son for church - only to find out that the size 10 I cut needs to be a but larger - the shirt fits him...for now - but within the next 2 months, he needs a larger one.

I also finished a cute skirt for my 14yo daughter. Something new for church also, as she only wears skinny jeans to school.

Yesterday I made her a button-down shirt - pink plaid with sparkles - for school. She is in love with it. I used Burda 8-2009, blouse 104 for the shirt. It fit beautifully and she has now requested 2 more - in black and pink again.

Off to study more database design methodology! And sew more!

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