Friday, October 28, 2011

Life Changes

18 months ago, I went back to college.  It wasn't an easy decision, as in order to do so, I not only had to quit my work-from-job of medical transcription, but I also had to re-arrange the home-school teaching schedule in our family.

Since that time, Aimee has started high school, Matt moved out on his own, and Melina is graduating 1 year early from high school.

And I have continued to work on my Bachelor's degree in Health Informatics.  Which I enjoy. Sort of.

What I have re-discovered is my love of teaching.  During my internship, I have been busy teaching and training (and learning some too) all about the new EMR (electronic medical record) system the clinic is putting in.

So, in the midst of all this, a thought of inspiration - rather an very distinct impression from the Spirit, about what I should be doing with my degree work.  And it doesn't include using my degree work for what I thought.

Instead of working towards my Master's in Health Information Management or Healthcare Administration, I will be finishing the few math credits I need in order to apply for Teach Arizona.  (Teach Arizona is a 1-year intensive Master's in Education program - that will give me a Master's in Secondary Math Education, along with preparing me to get my Az teaching certification. Maybe one day, I will be able to teach Health Information at the college level...but one needs education certifications/classes to do so.)

The looming question remained for Mike and I.....

what does a homeschooling mom do with her children while student teaching?

Well, they would go to school.  Public school. 

And so Ammon, Jacob, and Josie will be attending our local elementary school. 

We have prayed about this. Fasted and prayed about it.  And we know that this is the right decision to make for our family.  The school is good.  And fun. I met their teachers - good vibes all the way around.  I feel good turning over this part of the schooling to them.

And most importantly - the 3 of them are SO excited!  They can't wait!  They are excited to get to go to school with this friends, to make more friends, and to be where their friends are all day long! 

Being a teacher doesn't mean that I am giving up on teaching my children.  Rather I will not only be able to continue to influence their education - they are home for 10 weeks during the summer ;), but I also will be home in the afternoons to help with homework, do lots of reading, and other fun activities that we like to do (shhh...they are educational - don't tell them!)

Being a teacher also means that I can influence others too.  I love high school age kids.  I love being at the high school with them.  I have started to shadow a few teachers at my girls' high school (in math!) and o.m.g.  I love it!  Still!  So, while my children are excited to start school, I am excited to become a teacher!

Big changes.  But if families didn't have change, wouldn't life be monotonous?

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