Monday, January 7, 2013

No excuses.

I'm not making any excuses for such a long absence.  But if I did, I do believe that finishing my Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics, along with its 75 page, 6 month long, capstone research project, having 2 adult children move back in temporarily with us  (ouch - that hurt financially), a high school graduation, sending a son off to Basic Training, and marrying off our oldest daughter should all count.  Along with all the standard work it takes to run a family and home during the same time.

But really, no excuses.  Just life. But here are some great photos from the last year to tide everyone over until the next time I post - hopefully next week...(and when I get a new camera battery or camera...)...

truth time disclaimer:  The great looking photos come from 2 different sources - 2 sets of great friends who both happen to be great photographers - because honestly, my picture taking skills just plain suck are just plain bad.  I'll post the link to their pages next time!

oohhh...I'll doing a wedding post next week!  With lots of pictures (at least what I have now!)

Father's Day Photo Shoot with Chris Klok

Melina's Senior Photo Shoot with Jim & Colleen Quiggle

Melina & Brandon's Engagement Photo Shoot

Yes! I met Ree Drummond! The Pioneer Woman!!!

Josie at her first opera!

Mathew - asleep - as always!

A real longhorn with Ammon!

Josie on the real longhorn!

Our new cat - Mr. Fluffies...

My new car!  A 2006 Toyota Sienna

Jake on the same longhorn!

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