Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween (AZ style)...

It has been in the low 90's/high 80's for 2 weeks now. Very unusual. We have actually new weather records this past week because of the heat.

So, as normal, we didn't have to worry about anything under costumes, save for a sweatshirt.

So, here are my younger 5 (the oldest has a job and was working that night):

From left to right: Prince Caspian, Queen Lucy, and High King Peter (do you see the theme they came up with?)

And here are my new Charlie's Angels:

And while husband and I were going to dress up, we spent all day Saturday working on the kitchen - leaving us in a 'not wanting to dress up mode'...

As for candy? We have an all you can eat day the following day! Everyone is allowed as much candy they want all day, starting after breakfast. The next morning after that, all the remaining candy is given away to Nana - who stores it for treats in her home (except for the lollipops that I keep for shopping trips)...

And there is no extra candy to tempt me anywhere!

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