Monday, November 30, 2009

It has been awhile, huh? Paper writing is not as easy as it was 14 years ago...

I have a 15 page paper due at the end of this week and then a 7 page paper due by Dec 9th.  So, writing those, home-schooling, Thanksgiving, my little sister's visit, and some sewing I have been super busy!  I might have to go writing once per week and posting pictures of what I have sewed during the week.

But I have sewed all this during the last 3 weeks....(most of it in the last 5 days)
for my 14yo daughter - black corduroy coat with silky lining for our "cold" weather
5 pillowcases, with embroidered names, for Christmas presents for a friend
11 pillows for my Mom - some for Christmas and some to replace the formal living room pillows
5 tablecloths for my Mom (she is having a party this week)
9 new ornaments for my Mom (her family is all western and needed some new ornaments to match -they are made from matching pillow fabric)
2 new fleece exercise coats for my mom and I
the sleeves, collar, sleeve tabs, back tab, pockets, and pocket flaps for my new winter coat...

And I have things cut for Christmas presents - new shirt for my husband, 2 blouses for my sister, a new  fleece coat for her (she asked), 10 pillowcase (with embroidered names) for my family and my parents, a new Christmas dress for my 4yo daughter, a new blouse for my 12 yo daughter, a new stuffed penguin for my 14yo daughter, and 2 new vests for my 9 and 7 yo sons.  I don't know what to make my 17 yo son - any ideas? 

Oh, and I have a client's dress to hem (formal dress with about a millon layers of netting) and the zipper is broken and needs to be replaced and moved as the dress is a little big in the upper back area.

Wow.  When is Christmas again? 

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