Saturday, July 25, 2009

Most Prettiest!

I won!
There were 6 categories, plus Best of Show. I won Most Prettiest! I won a $50 gift card plus free entry ($25) into next year's competition/convention!

without further ado.....

the back of the apron (from either side)

front of apron and then the detail of beading on 1 of the panels

This apron was a fabric panel that I could do anything with. I felt that it would be perfect for a hostess apron. My grandmother used to have these elaborate, but never wear while actually cooking/cleaning, aprons. She would take off her dirty apron and wear one of the elaborate aprons for when she had dinner parties or other guests over.
I beaded 5 of the 6 18" panels over a layer of cystal organza, in various colors. I cut away the center of each flower after beading each center. I lined it with a cotton and then used the 6th panel to make the waistband, waistband lining, and covered the buttons with it also.
I cut each panel to reflect the flower petals and then appliqued the edges with off white thread.
The sewing part only took 1 day. The beading took about 6 weeks - working at nights while watching tv.
We had an ice cream party tonight to celebrate!

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