Saturday, October 24, 2009

No sewing here...again...

Mostly because my kitchen is non-exsistant - except for my stove and microwave.

We are using paper dishes, instead of doing dishes for 8 people, 3 times daily in the bathtub. 

But - it was bad.  We had to remove all the cabinets on the wall where the leak, which was in the celing near the water heater, all the drywall, all the insulation, and the obviously the countertop, dishwasher and sink. 

We only have to replace the drywall and insulation.  The cabinets only need the hardboard at the back of them replace.  And all the wood holding the cabinets to the wall and floor.

Not too bad, moneywise...but the stress from going to one leak, to the next, combined with my A+ exams in not good.  So, I won't be doing much sewing this week, while I study full time for my exams.

So...on to more studying...

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