Monday, October 5, 2009

What I did today (and yesterday) and YES! it involved some sewing!

I cooked more all day yesterday:

15lbs of ground beef
3 lbs ground sausage
1 ham (which we ate partly for dinner and froze enough for 2 more meals)
1 turkey breast
5 lbs round steak (now shredded)
5 lbs fish

Everything is now frozen in our new freezer (thank you Lowe's and their next day delivery!).

So then I sewed!  3 new knit shirts for my younger boys!  Yeah!

And this afternoon, I had a client show up quickly with a bridesmaid dress for a wedding (she was an emergency substitution) to be altered before Wednesday!  Almost done - all I have left to do is move the zipper some and then it will fit perfect!

So - I got to sew!  Yea!!!!!  Go me!

And now?  I'm taking a break from studying...

and the "replacing the drywall and re-tiling project that has to be done now because of water damage"...


  1. Hi. I just discovered your blog. I went through every post. I am amazed at how much you accomplish. I'm assuming that all of this cooking is for one week, or maybe for one month?

    I love to sew vintage clothes as well. I sew for myself and my children. We also home educate. I also have youngers and olders. I have five children ages 21, 16, 8, 6 and 18 months. The three oldest are girls and the two younger boys. It is very challenging for me to find time to sew. I try to sew for an hour on most days, not all. I'm not as fast of a sewer as you, but I have only been sewing for around five or six years.

    Come and visit if you get a chance.

  2. I just found your blog through your post on Sew Retro! Your vintage dresses are gorgeous.

    I only have four children(12),two with autism(11&6), and only one girl(3).

    I am a lazy sewer, and also a beginner. I'm usually too afraid to try new things, and really need to just jump in and use a pattern. I especially love the length of your littlest girl's dresses. Nothing seems the right length anymore, or modest. Oh, and your pinafore is darling!

    Post more photos! :D