Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where have I been?

At home.  And not sewing.

We have fixed the leak, via our neighbor who is a contractor (and he would only charge me for parts!), re-tiled, re-grouted, caulked, sealed, re-drywalled, taped & mudded all seams, matching the texture as well as possible, primed, and am now finally painting the family room and bathroom!

I have managed to get the other sleeve on my Halloween Haiwaiin shirt (which is also a muslin for some other pretty fabric for the winter - note to self - add 2" to the length of the shirt) and I have tailored MD's new work pants (heaven forbid they be too baggy!).  That is it sewing wise.

Fortunately, husband has been home to work on this - yesterday and today have been the only 2 days I have actually worked on this repair - otherwise I have been studying.

Oh - and repairing the wall where the cabinet fell off in my sewing room (we won't talk about how the previous owners were NOT very good at home improvement things)...and replaced the cabinets with some nice shelving.  Which I like even better than the cabinet!

Sewing posts hopefully coming up in the next few days!

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