Thursday, March 25, 2010

What I wear daily....

Erica B posts today about what she wears daily.  She sews about 90% of what she wears.  I sew about 70% of what I wear daily.

Unfortunately, I don't also dress up daily.  I have several reasons why:

  1. I stay home almost every day - without leaving the house.
  2. I homeschool 4 of my 6 children (the other 2 are in high school) - thus requiring much attention for science projects, art projects, and reading on the floor.
  3. work/intern from home. 
  4. I am finishing my BS in Health Informatics from WGU.
  5. I only can walk/exercise at various times during the day - sometimes morning, or afternoon, or after dinner - it all depends on the children/school/work/errand/church schedule.
  6. It's too cold right now to wear all my skirts!
During the summer (over 80 degrees) I tend to only wear skirts with matching knits shirts.  With ballet flats or slip-on Keds.

During the winter (under 80 degrees), I wear blue jeans, yoga pants, or long skirts with 3/4 sleeves or long sleeve shirts.

I find it hard to wear fitted clothes without lyrca in them - because I spend my days on the floor, bending over to pick up many things, or snuggling with my children while I teach them.

I spend my afternoon/evenings sitting in my office/bedroom studying and/or working and/or researching for work. Which is much more comfortable in yoga pants, sweats, or long skirts!

I do dress up when I can - mostly on Sundays or date nights. 

Neccessity overrides being stylish at home everyday.  Everything I wear, sew, or buy is current - but comfortable for my lifestyle - which is being a mom to 6, a student, and an intern. 

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