Saturday, August 15, 2009

Have you tried sewing with little kids around?

And no teenagers around to help? Wow - I didn't realize how much time and effort my older children put in to helping with my younger children at times. I don't ask them to care for them as parents, but rather they play, read, and do puzzles and games, and take them outside to play for me!

As parents, we help them do all the other stuff - chores, getting dressed, helping with laundry, etc. But seriously - I haven't had kjust 3 littles under 9 since my oldest was 5 (and then they were 5, 2, and newborn!). I am seriously out of practice with just having littles around!

So, I have only done 2 things - worked on the secret princess dress for my almost 4 year-old daughter; and I have been working on my mom's new dress. It is almost done - it is sitting beside me, waiting for me to finish hand-stitching the armhole facings and neck facing - I finished the hem earlier.

I also realized how little time I have had to have to study! I have only managed to get in about 1 hour per day - including today! My other teens (17 & 14) who are still here this weekend (my 12 year-old went on 4 day trip with my mom)...have wanted my attention all day! They always have so much to tell me about their week in school - they come home each day, eat snack, do homework, and then have dinner, do more homework and go to bed early - because their first class is at 6:20am! So they have been visiting and talking with me all day.

I enjoy it - but still....

I promise - I do have pictures - of my new blue blouse, my sister's birthday blouse, and my younger daughter's vintage dress and pinafore I have finished. Maybe tomorrow I can upload them????/

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