Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mending, mending, mending...

Well, after finishing my studying last night, I did some much needed mending. Mostly because the mending basket was larger than my to sew basket. Sigh. (with 6 kids, I think my mending basket is always bigger)

So, I mended. And mended more. By the time I went to bed I had finished mending or altering:
3 skirts (new zipper in 1, new hemline in the 2nd, and smaller waistline :) in #3)
1 tankini top and bottom for dd #1 (made smaller in back and neckstrap and adjust belt on bottoms)
1 pair of exercise capris (mine again - made smaller all throughout!:))

And then I remembered I needed to embroider a few things.

So I embroidered (I own a Brother Innovis 900D):
Ariel (dd#1 new shirt)
Jasmine and Aladdin (dd#3 new shirt)
Floral design for a memory quilt for a friend who recently lost her husband (a group of us are making her a quilt with each block made by one of us)

I still have to re-fit dd #1 dress - I took the seams apart to make it larger in the chest (smart mom that I am, she was so small in that area, that I left 1" seams to make it larger later - which I am now doing tomorrow).

This week I plan on starting on a new blouse for my sister's birthday - just a plain white blouse - that's what she likes!

And then I will be cutting out some new dresses for dd#2 and a home decor item for my family room...

and still studying....

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