Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lots of sewing going on. Pictures? Not so much.

And so is several other things - a new blue 1950's blouse for me; a new teal church dress for dd#2; a new chiffon blouse for my mother; a new chiffon blouse for dd#1; a brown/white polka dot dress that I made into a skirt for my mother; a skirt to wear over my swimsuit for our cruise; and a quilt block for a dear friend who husband recently died.

I have pictures of the birthday blouse. I haven't worn the new blouse yet (I will tomorrow though!) and I forgot to get pictures of the things I made my mother.

I will post pictures of my sister's blouse tomorrow, with explainations too! And of my new blue blouse.

Do I sew lots? Yep - all the time. I am either studying for my A+ certifications for IT technician and essentials exams (I am currently finishing my BS in Health Informatics); home-educating my younger 4 children; helping my older 2 children in high school with their homework; or doing typical mom stuff.

I try to sew every day for 1 hour, or more if I can. I seriously have no other hobbies - although I do play piano, read, and serve within our church.

Today I have also been working on birthday invites for dd#3 - who will be turning 4 soon! This is good and bad - bad because she is our baby, but good because each day she becomes more independent!

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