Monday, August 3, 2009

Silk blouse for me!

This is my new duponi silk blouse. The color is about right - it is not quite an off-white, but not quite a pale yellow; it's somewhere inbetween the two.
I washed the silk and then air-dried it. This changed the feel and look of the silk - making it softer and much "nubbier"; something I was not expecting, but I really enjoy.
I used this Simplicity 2758 for this blouse. I loved the ease of it - plus the fact that I could choose the bust size to make - meaning I didn't have to make a FBA for it!
I added underarm shields because it is terribly hot here and everyone sweats - no matter what deodrant you wear!
I changed up the buttons and added them in groups of two for interest - something that is noticed everytime I wear this blouse!

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