Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Birthday Dress and the Birthday Blouse...

My youngest, JP, turned 4 last month. And as most 4 year old girls go, she is into princesses and the like. So I took a pink t-shirt from the dollar store, 1 yard of disney princess material, a little embroidery from my sewing machine (and the princess card) and voila! A princess dress for my princess:


I embroidered a castle on the front of the shirt


and made it slightly longer so that she can wear it next year also.

And finally - here is the birthday white blouse I made for my sister, being modeled by Suzanne (the mannequin) as my sister lives on the East Coast:


While it bothers me that the fabric is "slightly" see-thru, she loves it! I was all worried, but it was exactly what she wanted (and she has now commissioned a purple and a black blouse with 3/4 sleeves for the winter!). Fortunately, she won't be here until Thanksgiving, so I can get all my schoolwork done and then sew her blouses!

Not much sewing at the moment - I have to take my A+ examinations by October 5th, so I actually am spending my sewing time studying and reading for the next several weeks.

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