Monday, September 28, 2009

Cruise clothes, Part II

Here are the pictures from the cruise (that's the ship we were on above!)

This would be the capri pants and matching shirt I made.  The shirt is not pink, but rather a baby red/white gingham check gauze.  Nice to sew, however it does ravel a little - even at the seams.  I added a white modestly panel as I don't like other people seeing my underthings (no matter how cute they are!) !

This was the new hawaiin shirt I made my husband.  He loves it.  I made it for this trip and while I was making it, he realized that I had enough fabric to make myself a matching shirt!  So, for Halloween this year, we will be going as "tacky tourists" with matching shirts and everything! 

And here is a cute picture of us in Mexico, trying to avoid all the flea market people.  And our bright yellow tags don't identity us as tourists, at all, do they?

All in all, we had a great time.  It was a nice early anniversary trip for ourselves.  We spent all the time together and then also with our friends from my husband's work.  (they were not allowed to talk shop at all!)  We were able to pretend that we were a couple again, with no children for 5 days!  However, as soon as we started shopping in Mexico, guess what I did?

Yep!  Bought presents for my 6 children, my mom and dad.
And none for me!


  1. Great cruise clothes, you look fantastic and what a fun trip. Like your hubby's shirt, too and the Halloween idea is fantastic. Thank you for linking on my blog. Happy Sewing.

  2. I'm stopping in from Lori's. Great work on the cruise clothing. We like gingham, too. And, a cruise...oh to only be where it's warm and sunny.

  3. Beautiful cruise outfit - just right! And that cruise looks like a lot of fun!