Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Something else I made several months ago...

So, I do have some new pictures on the camera to upload. But, somehow, between helping my mom and dad with their house (they are getting ready to sell) and studying and teaching school to my 4 home-educated children, and then helping my 2 teens with their homework each day...the camera is like the last thing I think of needing to do something with.



These 2 sweet mandarin collar dresses I made for my oldest and youngest daughters last fall. The little princess wasn't too fond of the black and red, however she quickly fell in love with the satiny feel of the fabric!

I used red piping and handsewed the frogs on. The girls still wear them - although less this summer, as the dresses don't breath too well in 100°+ weather that we have here in Arizona.

So...now back to our regularly scheduled CompTIA A+ studying!

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