Friday, September 25, 2009

My sewing to-do-list...

My sewing to-do list seems never-ending, but by my choice. So far, in the last week I have finished a matching sundress (it matches mine) for JP (4yo), a knit t-shirt (pictures forth coming when I download the camera) for JT (7yo), and a denim mini-skirt (pictures not yet taken) for MM (14yo).

And sitting and waiting for a waistband, belt carriers, and hem/cuff is AP's (9yo) new church trousers! I will finish all but the waistband completely, as I am waiting for buttonhole elastic. Seeing that most of my children are super thin (hmm...wonder what my problem is?) but have long legs and crotch lengths, I often sew their size, and the put in this type of adjustable elastic. Then they can adjust the waist to their liking.

I also have a pair of khaki trousers to finish for AM (12yo) also. I have several other things cut - some are put away until winter, and others I have put away until my mom wants them sewn up.

I have a shirt to make my husband for his birthday - a very nice black cuban style shirt with pintucks and embroidery - his favorite type of shirts.

The rest of my list are clothing that needs to be made: jackets for our slightly cold winter, jeans for JP, oj bottoms for most, some new blouses for me for winter, and also in line are new bags that my mom and I plan on doing together.

So, no pictures today - maybe tomorrow or Sunday!

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