Thursday, December 31, 2009


2009 has been wonderful for me - other than the 17 year old son who continues to try to test our patience beyond all capacity, all while having a driver's license.

This year I started school again.

This year I met my mentor and I am amazed how much easier my schooling and business life can be with him.

This year I got my first of many IT certifications!  Totally excited and proud of myself for that!

This year, my husband made the E-8 list for promotion (think 1st Sgt).

This year, my 14 year old daughter recieved her Young Woman Recognition Award.. She has been working hard on it for 2 years!

This year, my husband bought me a new sewing/embroidery machine.  Which I love.  Which I use all the time.  My poor other machine only gets used occasionally now.

This year my first child lost both his front teeth at the same time!  He is the first child out of the 6 we have to have accomplished this!

This year, that same little boy learned to read - all on his own.  He was tired of his bigger brother reading without him.

This year, my other little guy got his Wolf in Cub Scouts!

This year, I went on my first cruise.  The cruise was nice.  The people on the boat - not so much - especially they were drunk from before the cruise started until after they got off.

This year I have sewn more and more clothes for myself and my family. Which I really enjoy doing. I would give a count, but I don't keep count.  I sew clothes as they are needed and wanted.  But I did do something new - I made 2 coats - not fleece - for my 14 year old and myself. 

This year I have only done alterations (the bane of my exsistance) for 3 people, beyond my family's needs. Thank goodness.

I have lots planned for 2010.  First starting with a much needed vacation to visit with friends and my mentor. I also have a new wonderful sewing project to work on this spring.  Which I will tell you about in 2 weeks...

I will post on my 2010 goals next year ;)

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