Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas checklist - almost done!

Mom and Dad - new pillowcases (hey - be surprised if you read this!)

M1- new hoodie sweatshirt

M2 - new hoodie also

A1 - new oriental blouse for church      robe instead (so she quits walking out from the bathroom in a towel)

A2 - Robe

J1 - Robe

J2 - Robe

Husband - new black Cuban shirt

J (my sister) - no idea - she is deploying to Afghanistan before March

Stocking stuffers - personalized pillowcases like I made my friend!

My client's dress is almost done - the zipper and shoulders should be done next week and then I just have to hem the whole thing - nothing major - just 7 layers of tulle, 2 fabric layers and the netting for the petticoat.

and to revise my paper... done & passed!

write another paper - only 5 pages this time  submitted and waiting for either revision or pass notice

and plan 2 christmas parties...on the 12th and then on the 18th

and help my mom sew 2 costumes for her and my dad for her party...

make 8 costumes for the Bethlehem Christmas party Sat night

Oh - and I have to finish my coat!

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