Sunday, December 20, 2009

Almost done and ready for Christmas!

Whoo.  I have been busy.  And I am awake for some strange reason at 3:15 am. 

I have finished J2's new dress.  She has been in the need of new dresses, as most of her dresses may cover her bum - but then she moves - and then one gets a peep show of her panties. 

I also made a turtleneck smaller through the side seams and cut the sleeves into 3/4 length, and lettuce hemmed the edges for A2.

I also worked on another project for a friend quickly.  She needed names put on the new family stockings - this is important as they are a blended family and she wanted stockings that were all the same.

The 2nd party is all done.  We served 200 people and everyone enjoyed it (so they keep telling me!).

I have my dh's shirt cut out and sitting in my basket.  I also have my coat part way done.  And I have a new white blouse and a new red wool skirt waiting to be sewn.

But, J2 needs a new coat - it appears that her coat from last year doesn't quite fit in the arm length any longer.  So, I have some gray wool with pink/purple embroidered flowers already prewashed and dried along with purple lining to make a new coat - and I think I will make it one size larger so that it will fit next year too.

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