Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Break

Christmas was wonderful.  Nice and quiet with our parents and children.  We spent the morning leisurally opening presents and eating breakfast (cinnamon rolls and gluten-free cinnamon rolls).  We then spent the rest of the morning playing on our new Wii.

We went over to our parents' house (mine technically, my husband's parents died 3 years and 1 year ago respectively) for dinner and movies.  We had a simple buffet and watched A Christmas Carol with the Muppets.  Then we introduced the grandparents to the Wii.

The rest of this week will be spent putting away Christmas decorations in preparation for New Year's Day and for our trip out of town.  I also will be sewing a little.

I finished all my Christmas sewing gifts.  And everyone loved them! 

I finished J2's Christmas dress - which is lovely - and she loves to pieces.  This was an heirloom dress and will be saved for my granddaughters one day when she out grows it.

I also finished my winter coat last night!  I wore it to church today - for some reason the heater always feels like the AC in the church building.  I was warm and comfortable during church today.

I made a beautiful pink fleece coat for J2 also - she outgrew her 2 jackets within 2 weeks of each other.  It is very cute with pictures to follow.

On my list for sewing this week is finding and readying a new dress to smock for J2.  I am thinking something peach or blue.  I haven't decided yet.  I also have a new white blouse that I need to make for myself. 

We are treating the children to a trip to California this next week. We will be staying and hanging out with friends of ours there!  The kids are excited to go to the beach, the Zoo, and just hang with our friends (who have no kids and 2 Xboxs - need I say more?)

 As the younger 4 are still home-schooled and our oldest daughter is a freshman in high school, we will take her out of school for the week. Our oldest has to stay here to work and do school work for his senior year. 

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