Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas checklist - almost done! Again!

Mom and Dad - new pillowcases

M1- new hoodie sweatshirt

M2 - new hoodie also

A1 -  Robe

A2 - Robe

J1 - Robe

J2 - Robe

Husband - new black Cuban shirt

J (my sister) - something she can take with her....

Stocking stuffers - personalized pillowcases like I made my friend!

My client's dress Wow!  It took over an hour to cut and rehem the dress.  Must have something to do with the 7 layers of tulle....

write another paper - revised and waiting for pass notice....

and plan 1 christmas party on the 18th - planned and have shopping and to do waiting to do on Thursday/Friday

Oh - and I have to finish my coat! Still.
And I have 3 new classes starting in January - about 14 credits worth.  CIW Database Specialist - more computer geek stuff, Organizational Behavior & Management, and Healthcare Eco Systems I....and my textbooks, used!  will be about $200.  Fortunately, 4 of them can be used for the fall semester. 

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